DealerX cited for its expertise in Automotive News, reporting on bot fraud and its impact on major automotive websites. Read the article here.

  • Our TruPPC℠ product offers a clean, transactional and true approach to Paid Search that does not leverage your dealership name as a keyword, but rather focuses on what someone “in-market” for a new or pre-owned car would search across Google or Bing, further refined by eliminating word combinations that are not relevant to the sales funnel.

  • RoiQ℠ is a sophisticated dealer business intelligence solution that visualizes the Return-On-Investment across your dealership’s advertising channels while eliminating fraud and making the data collected actionable.

  • ConteXt℠ is our data-driven marketing product that segments then targets predefined “in-market” consumer behavior with Display Ads, Rich Media and Video contextually across Tablet, PC & Mobile Devices in real-time.

  • Conversionary℠, Our Dynamic Retargeting product captures the inventory, coupons and special offers your visitors have viewed while on your website. After the initial visit, Conversionary dynamically builds custom ads reflecting the content each person engaged with, while scoring them individually to determine what to bid when retargeting them across millions of websites.