• The Clearbox℠ solution consolidates all your Dealership's multi-channel marketing and analytics into one platform. Build, track and manage your ad spends across Paid Search, Display Ads, Email and Retargeting in one easy-to-use interface. All while offering an unsurpassed level of transparency and ROI tracking.

  • Our TruPPC℠ product offers a clean, transactional and true approach to Paid Search that does not leverage your dealership name as a keyword, but rather focuses on what someone “in-market” for a new or pre-owned car would search across Google or Bing, further refined by eliminating word combinations that are not relevant to the sales funnel.

  • RoiQ℠ is a sophisticated dealer business intelligence solution that visualizes the Return-On-Investment across your dealership’s advertising channels while eliminating fraud and making the data collected actionable.

  • ConteXt℠ is our data-driven marketing product that segments and targets predefined “in-market” consumer behavior with display ads contextually across the web.

  • Conversionary℠, our Dynamic Retargeting product captures the inventory, coupons and special offers your visitors have viewed while on your website. After the initial visit, Conversionary dynamically builds custom ads reflecting the content each person engaged with, while scoring them individually to determine what to bid when retargeting them across millions of websites.



  • Smoke and Mirrors

    Dealership paid search is routinely done wrong and the results misleading. Did you know that your own company name is often the search keyword that’s driving the bulk of traffic to your website? Reporting fails to paint an accurate picture and provides incomplete information. ARE YOU REALLY GETTING THE RESULTS THAT YOU WANT, OR JUST BEING TOLD YOU ARE?



  • Volkswagen's WorldAuto Certified Program

    When Volkswagen of America needed a revolutionary new website for the rollout of the WorldAuto Certified program, they chose MediaRevo/DealerX as the provider. By gathering information from over 640 Volkswagen dealerships spanning the United States, the innovative WorldAuto web portal instantly grants users access to thousands of pre-owned vehicles nationwide.

  • Prestige Jaguar/Land Rover

    When Prestige Jaguar Land Rover was dissatisfied with their current web traffic and search results, DealerX stepped in to help. By creating brand new paid search and data initiatives, the dealership saw astounding results. Prestige’s website topped the competition over and over again within each of their target markets.

  • Platinum Volkswagen

    Platinum Volkswagen is a family-owned Long Island, NY car dealership with a great reputation and loyal customers. However, their manufacturer-mandated Cobalt website was just not getting them the exposure and business they were expecting. Struggling to make their website work, Platinum Volkswagen needed a revamp in order to stay relevant online.

  • Toyota of Hackensack

    Toyota of Hackensack is a dealership that puts the customer first, as shown by their history of good reviews from satisfied buyers. However, they are located among fierce competitors in the midst of the dealer-dense New York Metro Area. Their standard Dealer.com site was hindering their ability to increase sales and edge out the competition.

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